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About Us


Precision Service Dogs is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that specializes in developing canines capable of assisting their handler in mitigating

daily life through trained tasks.


Our mission is to serve disabled individuals by providing them with extraordinary service dogs. We aim to set an industry standard for service dog program ethics through health testing and practices. We are passionate about empowering individuals with disabilities through both puppy raising and placing service dogs. 

About Our Founder

Lauren Hood Hogan

A white woman is holding a yellow labrador puppy.

Lauren is a talented, experienced, dog trainer who has been training professionally for 13 years. With a passion for training service dogs, her work has focused on the acquisition, testing, training, and placement of service and facility dogs. Lauren uses trusted, experienced trainers to assist her with Precision's dogs. She has brought together a diverse group of individuals that make up Precision Service Dogs board with a vision to set a high standard in the service dog industry and place skillfully trained dogs that will change a person's life indefinitely.

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