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kind words from our clients

“Having a service dog has absolutely transformed my life. Prior to receiving my service dog, I was discussing getting a wheelchair with my treatment team because my mobility had declined so significantly. After having my service dog for an extended period of time, I am able to walk a mile or more. I can leave the house with just the two of us and not have to depend on another adult, or worry about getting stuck in a store alone because I've become suddenly symptomatic. I feel safer everywhere - at home or in public - with him by my side. My physical and mental health has improved exponentially and I do not think there was any other treatment option that could have led to such significant overall improvement in my health and quality of life.”

-Ryan, Handler of Lincoln who is a medical alert/response and mobility service dog

"Since the age of 16, I have been homebound and for long stretches of time bedbound due to severe POTS. Dizziness, extreme fatigue and chronic pain are what I experience every day. The fatigue and symptoms were so bad that I couldn’t finish high school, and I can’t work. I received Marshall in 2021 from Precision. He is my task trained service dog for retrievals, psychiatric support and assistance. I have been able to make my own food, get my own medicines, go to the store and medical appointments without suffering panic attacks, and I have even been able to move out of my parents house and into a condo nearby. I live independently as a 24 year old for the first time! When I drop my phone, he picks it up so I don’t have to bend over and lose my balance. If I can’t get out of bed, he retrieves bottles of water for me from the refrigerator - hydration is super important for me. He knows how to fetch my epi pen and my benedryl if I am having an allergic reaction. No medications have helped me much and usually cause me many more harmful side effects. I would have never gained this much of my life back without my service dog. My diagnosis hasn’t changed, but my life and level of independence, confidence and enjoyment of my life has immensely."

-Carson, owner and handler of Marshall, who is a medical response and mobility service dog


"Precision considered numerous dogs for me before determining that George would be the best fit for my needs. George has allowed me to get back some of my freedom and has greatly increased my quality of life. I suffer from PTSD and some mobility challenges as a result of my combat injuries in Iraq. George is trained to help me calm down when he detects elevated levels of cortisol in my system & assist with my prosthetic limb. George has been well socialized, trained, and cared for prior to me receiving him in 2022. I’m thankful for the staff at Precision and their puppy raisers that helped raise and train George, and I’m especially thankful to those in the community that donate resources that enable Precision’s vital mission."

-Matthew, owner and handler of George, a PTSD and mobility service dog


“I received Bodhi from Precision in 2022 for my outpatient group psychotherapy practice, Well Psychotherapy in New Orleans. We are a trauma informed practice, and having a facility dog has added a dimension to the healing environment for our clients. Bodhi has clearly been socialized to be a calm and kind presence around many different people, and his ability to attend more directly to client needs during therapy sessions will be an incredible asset to providing sensory support and alerting for biofeedback during trauma therapy sessions.“

-Veronica Mollere, Handler of Precision Facility Dog Bodhi and Owner of Well Psychotherapy

“Having therapeutic facility dogs has been beneficial to ACA Counseling in numerous ways. Our therapeutic facility dogs are part of our team! Our dogs create a warm and welcoming environment.  Parents and children are immediately put to ease when greeted by the therapy dogs.  Working with the dogs decreases the initial anxiety of clients who may feel nervous about coming to counseling. For many clients, the dogs become an integral part of the counseling process.  Not only do our dogs assist clients with anxiety, but also with depression, emotional and social soft skills, and fine motor skills. In some cases, they even allow children the privilege of being around a dog, often for the first time. Continuing to have therapeutic facility dogs is a vital part of ACA Counseling, and is incredibly important to our practice - and to the families we serve.”

-Alexis Sapp, Handler of Precision Facility Dog Bella and Owner of ACA Counseling

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